Telephone: +35521323098

Address: "Azem Hajdari" square, Bajram Curri


About Us

Vllaznimi Hotel was built in 2005-2006, at the city center Bajram Curri (neighborhood 28 Gushti). Situated between the two main buildings of the District. On the one side is Tropoje Hall and on the other in the North has bulding subprefecture with other leading institutions.

Vllaznimi Hotel is a 4 floor building building with these functions:
The ground floor has various service offices.
The first floor is the bar cafe and restaurant.
Second floor, third and fourth are hotel rooms.


There are a total of 19 hotel rooms (completed rooms).
6-rooms with double beds for couples
3-rooms with three beds (triple room)
4-Family rooms (beds for children)
6-rooms with two beds (twin room)

The building is functional in a hall that can be used for meeting, training or other activity at the request of its reservation.
In this building, the restaurant operates three times a day according to the demands of the clientele orders, with traditional foods, etc.
As restaurant and hotel meet all the criteria necessary to have a regular service within the standards with a professional staff of dedicated service.

Each room hotel fulfills all the conditions of hygiene, without interruption water and electricity, as well as the completion of a furnishings to a very good quality and functional.
Vllaznimi Hotel guarantees small car parking to customers in front of the hotel functional environment.